Senator Cory Gardner talks cannabis with President Trump

Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado said that he had a conversation with President Trump Wednesday night. A conversation where he, President Trump, reiterated his campaign pledge to let cannabis legalization be a state’s rights issue.

Gardner has been fighting to reverse a decision made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to repeal the Cole Memo. The memo, issued under the Obama administration, kept federal prosecutors from pursuing cases against people who were following state cannabis laws. As part of that fight, Senator Gardner has held up several key Justice Department appointments.

It comes as no surprise to me that the Senator has become a leading supporter of Colorado’s right to legalize cannabis. I have been meeting with him and his staff for several years on cannabis issues and attending and hosting fundraisers for him. He has come to understand the medical, fiscal and personal freedom benefits of Colorado’s legal marijuana industry.

Keep up the good work, Senator Gardner!


Jim Marty CPA, MS, ABV

CEO of Bridge West CPAs and Consultants, LLC