Thanks for the warm hospitality in Pennsylvania

Our combined presentation with Bridge West and the Hoban Law Group went off without a hitch. We had over 80 people in attendance. Cory Parnell and I gave a one hour slide show on cannabis tax and accounting issues, and Steve Schain and Bridget Hill-Zayat followed with an overview of some of the regulatory hurdles Pennsylvania medical marijuana license applicants face.

Most were able to stay for the cocktail party that followed. The food was great as were the conversations that flowed with the wine. The staff of Positano Coast was outstanding. I would recommend this venue for future events.

Thanks to Keegan Peterson of Wurk for picking the dinner later that evening.

Special appreciation goes out to our friends at the Hoban Law Group who hosted the Philadelphia event; Steve Schain, Bridget Hill-Zayat, and Patricia Hoban (no relation to Bob).

And thanks to Kate Strickland from the Hoban Denver office, the Bridge West marketing partner of Nancy Damato of Accountants Advisory Group and Lynette Fleck of Boeckermann Grafstrom and Mayer, our parent company.

Honorable mention goes to my favorite niece, Joanna Castle, who is interning for Bridge West and signed everyone in and took pictures.  She flew down from Denison University in Ohio where she is a senior majoring in communications to help us out with logistics.

Philly really is the City of Brotherly Love!