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New Leaf Data Services is a leading data company that collects and analyzes wholesale cannabis and hemp market pricing data and provides the industry’s only standardized benchmark price assessments. Under the trademarks Cannabis Benchmarks® and Hemp Benchmarks®, the company brings price transparency and efficiency to cultivators, processors, dispensaries, investors, and other market participants.

The company develops weekly Spot and Implied Forward Price assessments of standardized cannabis and hemp products to create price clarity for buyers, sellers, traders, brokers, accountants, risk managers, and lawyers.

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  • What are my competitors buying/selling cannabis or hemp products for? How have wholesale cannabis been trending?
  • How much of a premium does indoor-grown cannabis get over outdoor-grown products?
  • What is the biological asset value of my cultivation operation?
  • What fundamental factors or regulatory issues might cause prices to change?
  • At what price are buyers and sellers transacting in the forward market?

Join the Price Contributor Network (PCN) and receive up to an additional 35%

As a PCN member, you will help us promote a fair and balanced cannabis and hemp marketplace. Simply provide our Price Assessment team with validated wholesale cannabis or hemp transaction data. We keep all PCN member information confidential, and all transaction data is made anonymous so that your transaction information is not identifiable in our reporting.

In return for your contributions, you receive discounted pricing on our subscription products, complimentary special reports, and exclusive analysis only made available to our PCN members.

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