A Day with Jim Marty

This past summer, I was lucky to get a glimpse into the world of a cannabis accounting pioneer, Jim Marty, the CEO and Founder of Bridge West LLC. Bridge West is a CPA and consulting firm that has been entirely devoted to serving cannabis and hemp professionals since 2009. Jim began his practice with his […]

Cannabis & Tech Today: Building a Financial Plan for Your Cannabis Business? What You Need to Know

All good business plans require a financial projection. Creating a financial projection is both an art and science. A financial projection will include projected sales, budgeted expenses, a balance sheet, cash flow, and sources and uses of funds. Also, a financial projection will help determine how much funding will be needed and the projected return […]

Cannabis Inventory and IFRS Biological Assets – Inventory Records

As cannabis companies continue to move to the public markets in Canada, high quality inventory records become much more important. Not only is there greater disclosure and scrutiny of financial information, but International Accounting Standard 41: Agriculture (IAS 41) requires additional computations on biological assets (plants and all inventory derived from those plants) to bring […]

The DeadHead Cannabis Show: “Vaping Crisis Continues | Jam Band’s Fall Tour Update” (0018)

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The DeadHead Cannabis Show: “Phish, Denver prairie dog plague, Missouri license deadline” (0014)

“Phish, Denver prairie dog plague, Missouri license deadline” The DeadHead Cannabis Show (0014) Listen to Podcast

Forms 1099: The Who, What, Where and When … Plus an Interesting Twist for Cannabis Businesses

Form 1099 is an important tax document that all businesses must file when applicable. There are several variations of forms 1099 and one should be filed when a business pays over $600 for a service. Who Gets a Form 1099? It starts by obtaining a signed form W-9 whenever a new vendor is set-up in […]