New Frontiers in the Southwest

The southwest has had a slow and rocky road to legalization of medical cannabis, but as of 2018 midterms all have it in some form or another.

Texas currently does not have a medical marijuana program, but does allow for low-THC CBD oil for those who have been diagnosed with intractable epilepsy. There has been some talk of Texas opening up to decriminalization and working their way into the medical cannabis field though,

“And with renewed faith in bipartisan support for some pro-pot measures, Texas Democrats say they’re also hopeful that they can pass a decriminalization bill. State Rep. Joe Moody, D-El Paso, has filed decriminalization measures for the past two legislative sessions to no avail. But he’s more confident heading into next year.”

Representative Moods thinks that there is hope seeing as both parties have made decriminalization a plank is each part’s platform.

Oklahoma has been flush with investors and entrepreneurs since they legalized medical marijuana. In September 2018 the state regulators approved more that 1,100 business licenses for those in the medical cannabusiness. It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur in Oklahoma, whether you’re seeking to operate a dispensary, be a grower, or work in processing.

New Mexico has been running their medical cannabis program for a while now, but like the rest of the country now, not everyone embraced it right away, and it took proof that it works to convince them. One great story of this stars a former sheriff and described staunch-republican, Darren White is not the CEO of Purlife, a medical cannabis dispensary,

“White said his mindset shift started years ago when he was tired of taking opioid painkillers to numb the chronic pain of arthritis and a bad knee. A friend gave him some cannabis lotion to try.

“And it worked,” he says. “It really worked. I noticed a difference.””

Legalizing recreational cannabis has been tried for by State Representative Bill McCamley since 2014, but just hasn’t happened yet, they’re hoping 2019 will be the year it finally happens. It’s definitely a state to watch!

Arizona has had a rocky last few months in their medical cannabis program, with the state’s Court of Appeals ruling that cannabis extracts are illegal. This has had a huge effect on patients who like being able to more precisely measure their doses with cannabis oil instead of smoking flower. It also has an impact on the sales,

“Upwards of 40% of Arizona’s medical cannabis sales come from concentrates and infused products, Mikel Weisser, executive director of the state’s NORML chapter, told Marijuana Business Daily.

He said the court’s decision on cannabis extracts could have a chilling effect on Arizona’s industry. MMJ sales in the state are expected to grow to $425 million-$475 million this year, according to estimates in the Marijuana Business Factbook 2018.”

Despite the damper on the sales, investors are still jumping into Arizona’s market, especially considering that experts are hoping to see recreational cannabis on the voting ballot in 2020.



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