Weed Week Article- with quote from Jim Marty, CEO “Will the Election Accelerate Legalization? Insiders Say Probably Not”

WeedWeek’s article, written by Willis Jacobson includes quotes from Jim Marty, CPA, CEO, of Bridge West, CPAs and Advisors to the Cannabis and Hemp Industries.

Bridge West’s CEO, Jim Marty, CPA contributed to WeedWeek’s article covering the legalization of cannabis and the upcoming election.

“While plenty of issues separate the candidates in this year’s presidential election, pot legalization isn’t necessarily one of them.

While not a top tier election issue, legalization was in the spotlight this week as House Democrats prepared for, and then ultimately postponed, a vote on the MORE Act. That bill, which calls for federal legalization of marijuana and expungement of some pot-related criminal records, is unlikely to be voted on before the Nov. 3 election.

The vote was pushed back after moderate Democrats reportedly worried it could hurt their chances at the ballot box.”…