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The DeadHead Cannabis Show: “Remembering Ginger Baker | Ten Circuit US Court of Appeals ruling” (0021)

280E Mitigation: What You Need to Know Webinar

280E Mitigation: What You Need to Know hosted by NCIA and Bridge West Attendees Learned about  Form 8300 – Filing & Penalty for not Filing Filing a Protective Claim for Clients Cash Basis with Inventory Establishing Metrics for the Industry – Consulting

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Exciting News for medical marijuana out of Missouri  Missouri notifies winners of testing lab licenses At least 17 applicants want one of 10 licenses available.  

With More Than 5K Applications for Adult-Use Dispensary Licenses in Illinois, Will you be one of the 75 Lucky License Recipients?

Last week I had a great trip to Illinois and was able to spend time with current and prospective operators, cannabis legal professionals and cannabis consultants. During my meetings, I heard a common theme: the state of Illinois is trying to be the leader in social justice in awarding adult-use cannabis licenses and in providing […]

A Day with Jim Marty

This past summer, I was lucky to get a glimpse into the world of a cannabis accounting pioneer, Jim Marty, the CEO and Founder of Bridge West LLC. Bridge West is a CPA and consulting firm that has been entirely devoted to serving cannabis and hemp professionals since 2009. Jim began his practice with his […]