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Bringing Corporate Colorado and the Black Business Community Together

Black Business Zoom|Wednesday, Oct. 27 2021| 3:00PM-5:30PM MT

Join to hear updates on DIA/Denver city, state, DPS, and business hot topics


  • 3:00 Welcome and Acknowledgements
    • John Bailey, Program Director, Colorado Black Round Table, Founder, Black Economic Opportunities Council, & Lead Convener, Balck Cannabis equity Initiative
  • 3:05 CO Legislative Update
    • Honorable Jame Coleman, OC State Senator, SD #33
  • 3:10 Welcome/Introductory Remarks
    • JJ Ament, New President & CEO, Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce
  • 3:15 Business Updates-“What we need to know about what we don’t know”
    • Eric Hiraga, Executive Director, Denver Office Economic Development & Opportunity
    • Antonio Soto, Director, Minority Business, CO Office Economic Development & International Trade
    • Murugan Palani, Director, Office of Business Diversity, Denver Public Schools
    • Penny May, Chief Concessions Officer, DIA/DEN
    • Milly Duplechain, Deputy Director, Denver Excise & License
    • Dr. Tristan Walker, Director, CO Cannabis Business
  • 3:50 Black Community Business Presentations-“Who are we and why are we here?”
    • Malcolm Evans, President of the board, Colorado Black chamber of Commerce
    • Muriel Williams, President, National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB)
    • Benzel Jimmerson, Founder & Director, Metro Deep
    • Jice Johnson, Chief Visionary Officer, Black Business Initiative
    • Terri Jackson, Founder & Director, African American Trade Association
  • 4:20 Social Equity round Table Discussion with Black Business and Corporate Leaders-“How can we work together in the current business climate-what are we going to do & when are we going to do it?”
    • Pastor Del Phillips, Facilitator, Colorado Black Leadership Coalition
    • Steve Jackson, CEO Empowercom
    • Honorable State Rep. Naquetta Ricks, Founder, African Chamber of Commerce Colorado-USA
    • Ivan Burwell, CEO, Street Source Marketing
    • Alfonzo Porter, Publisher, Blizzy Cannabis Magazine
    • Albus Brooks, Vice President, Business Development & Public Affairs, Milender White Construction
    • Kevin Marchman, President, National Organization of African Americans in Housing
    • Bee Harris, Publisher, Denver Urban Spectrum Magazine
    • Moses Brewer, Former National Director of Community Programs, Coors Brewing Company
    • Selena Dunham, CEO, Classique
    • Michael D. Sapp Jr., Manager, State Public Affairs, Xcel Energy
  • 5:00 Black Business Hot Topics in the Community
    • Hot topic #1-Redevelopment of the Parkhill Golf Course
    •  Presentations:
      • Ballot Initiative 301-Representative from the campaign
      • Ballot Initiative 302-Norman Harris, The Holleran Group
    • Hot Topic #2-Cannabis Social Equity Applicants Speakout
      • Willy Denney
      • Michael Diaz Rivera
      • Curtis Washington

Meeting ID: 852 3696 4058
Passcode: 390951