Understanding the Valuation Process for Cannabis Companies: Webinar with MediaJel

Do you Know What Your Cannabis Business Is Worth?… You Should!

If you would like to watch the webinar recording, please visit the link below.

It can be challenging to determine the worth of a cannabis business at any stage and especially early-stage companies. Knowing the valuation of your business is a vital component to the success of your capital formation process, especially if your company is pre-revenue. Potential investors must understand the worth of your business to assess risk and potential return. Your valuation should have a credible format with industry-standard methods and references.

During this webinar, Cory Parnell, CPA, Chief Operating Officer, and Calvin Shannon, CPA, CVA, President of Bridge West, presented the importance of determining the valuation of your cannabis company. Cory and Calvin are prominent cannabis industry experts with more than 25 years of accounting and finance experience. Bridge West serves more than 600 cannabis operators nationwide and has specialized in the cannabis industry since 2009.

Cory and Calvin presented:

  • Why would a cannabis company need a valuation?
  • What is the “Standard of value” and why is it important?
  • How is a valuation performed?
    • What information is considered?
    • What approaches are used when valuing a cannabis company?
  • What services do valuation professionals provide?
  • What is a 409A valuation?


Our experienced cannabis-certified business valuation experts will help clarify the complex valuation issues involved with the cannabis industry.  With integrity, objectivity, and sound judgment, our value-added services bring insight into our clients’ business operations. Using a variety of approved valuation techniques and methods, we provide our clients with an independent analysis of their business and produce a strong, supportable, and well-reasoned valuation.

We provide business valuation services for cannabis organizations in connection with:

  • Shareholder Transactions
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Financial Reporting Valuations
  • Goodwill Impairment
  • IRS Code Section 409A Valuations
  • Litigation Support Valuations
  • Internal Planning
  • Succession Planning Valuations
  • Gift and Estate Tax

Our 360-degree business valuation process takes into consideration all the elements that are relevant to a business, including:

  • The value of the business, including but not limited to, assets, liabilities, income, and cash flow.
  • Outside influences, such as the economy and geographic location.
  • Key staff who may play a substantial role in the business.
  • Research of the business and industry.
  • Other internal and external factors that impact the operations of the business.