Cannabis Risk & Insurance Webinar:

2022 Industry Trends and Challenges

Recorded on Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The cannabis industry is poised for another year of huge growth in 2022, and the enterprises that will benefit the most are those best-positioned to manage risk.

Experts from Bridge West and HUB International explored best practices for growers, processors, and retailers to minimize threats to their profitability and stability, focusing on the following topics:

  • Insuring cannabis businesses while still federally prohibited.
  • Combating challenging market conditions and ever-changing headwinds.
  • Identifying an experienced team to guide and advise your cannabis business.
  • Applying for and navigating your cannabis licensing.
  • Defending your executives from wrongful acts.
  • Life insurance and disability considerations.
  • Coverage considerations: crime, products, property, transportation/auto/fleet.

The Panelists:

      Cory Parnell                                                       

Chief Operating Officer

Bridge West LLC

      Jim Marty                                                      

Founder, Principal

Bridge West LLC

  Robert Zagarek                                                     

Director, Business Development

HUB International Northeast

      Win Williams                                                      

Senior Vice President, Risk Services

HUB International

 Wayne Margulies                                                   

Cannabis and Hemp Insurance Specialist

HUB International