Bridge West is proud to be a Presenting Sponsor of NCIA’s Inaugural Catalyst Conversations webinar, “A Regulator’s Perspective on Social Equity”

September 1st | Virtual In the inaugural Catalyst Conversations webinar we’ll explore the current state of social equity programs within the cannabis industry across the country. Attendees will hear first hand from regulators in different jurisdictions including California, Massachusetts, and Oregon. Topics discussed will include: • What is Social Equity? • Why should Social Equity […]

Cannabis Businesses and IRC Section 471(c) of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act: Has the Curse of 280E Been Mitigated?

280E Mitigation: What You Need to Know Webinar

280E Mitigation: What You Need to Know hosted by NCIA and Bridge West Attendees Learned about  Form 8300 – Filing & Penalty for not Filing Filing a Protective Claim for Clients Cash Basis with Inventory Establishing Metrics for the Industry – Consulting

2019 Cannabis Review: Navigating Rapid Growth

Calvin Shannon and Jim Marty presented a complimentary webinar with Wurk on August 14, 2019. Attendees learned about: • The current status of cannabis banking • Changing capital structures • The recent ownership rule changes • Recent 280E court cases and how they affect your business • The importance of implementing technology for compliance and reporting. Watch […]