Deadhead Cannabis Show 0078: Greg C Washington | Guards Down Podcast

The DeadHead Cannabis Show (0078)

Deadhead Cannabis Show Episode 0078: Greg C. Washington | Guards Down Podcast

Jim Marty and Larry Mishkin join Greg C Washington in sharing stories of those who have healed from PTSD and complex grief. Anyone who has been through or witnessed a traumatic experience can experience PTSD or complex grief. Greg C Washington, the host of ‘Guards Down Podcast’ talks to Jim and Larry about how his podcast discusses treatment options, theories, tools, and techniques to help people overcome negative and suicidal thoughts.

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The Deadhead Cannabis Show podcast by MJBulls is lead by Bridge West’s CEO, Jim Marty, and Larry Mishkin, Attorney with Hoban Law Group. In each episode, Jim and Larry share candid discussions about cannabis-inspired music and the social implications of legalized cannabis.