Deadhead Cannabis Show 0106: How cool would it be to own Sweetwater with Bob Weir?

Crusader Rabbit Stealth Band at Sweetwater 06/10/21

Sweetwater is one of the most famous intimate venues in the world, known for hosting numerous rock legend’s impromptu performances.  Michael Klein,  co-owner of Sweetwater with Bob Weir, joins Larry MishkinJim Marty, and Rob Hunt to share stories about being on the road with the Grateful Dead and seeing over 850 shows. He also talks about his cannabis company, Bio 365, which produces soils that contain proprietary, activated, and aged bioCHARGE™ which delivers on-demand food and water to the plant, resulting in accelerated growth and vigor.

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The Deadhead Cannabis Show podcast by MJBulls is lead by Bridge West’s CEO, Jim Marty, and Larry Mishkin, Attorney with Hoban Law Group. In each episode, Jim and Larry share candid discussions about cannabis-inspired music and the social implications of legalized cannabis.