Bridge West’s COO Cory Parnell and Manager Brandon Van Asten as they explain cost saving inventory control ideas, 280E mitigation and operating cost planning.
Learning objectives:
Bridge West’s cannabis team has been working with cultivators, processors and verticals since 2009. Through our in-depth knowledge of the production processes and having worked with the operators, we have developed simple methods to help owners/operators mitigate 280E, manage inventory levels, and gross margin which can impact cash flow. Learn about setting up your accounting system to capture key costs by area, how to obtain key units of production by area, how to determine cost of production at different stages, how to prepare a simple production plan and methods to control gross margin.
Webinar attendees will learn about:
-General Comments
-What is 280E?
-Setting up your Accounting System
-Determining Costs at all Stages of Production
-Identifying and gathering Units of Production
-Estimated Level of Inventory – Excess or Shortage
-Annual Production Planning