Cory Parnell

linkedin Cannabis CPA
Chief Operating Officer
Direct: 651-287-6327

Hemp Farming / Cultivators

Bridge West’s Hemp Team has extensive experience working with hemp farmers and cultivators. As we have watched over the recent past, the hemp industry is rapidly changing and there are many hard lefts and rights. Our team of hemp specialists closely monitor the latest industry trends and issues that impact your operations success and growth. Based on our in-depth knowledge and experience of the hemp agriculture accounting and tax, we can help regulate cash flow. Farmers have an advantage of being able to prepay their expenses which allows them to use a future deduction on the current year tax return. Our experienced professionals can assist indoor cultivators in developing key performance indicators to help determine if they are on track with their operations.

Our Hemp Team helps farmers and cultivators develop detailed budgets. We can work with hemp business owners and the organization’s management team to develop budgets that meet your goals and assists in utilizing specialized industry equipment. Throughout the year, farmers and cultivators can monitor the actual activity to the budget to always have a clear understanding if they are on or off-track. If you are off-track, we will assist in developing solutions and implementing changes to get you back on-track. When it comes to farming and cultivation, there are many unknown and out-of-control variables than other business. Important factors come into play, such as the weather, water shortage, deceases, pesticides from neighboring farms, and plant failure can result from insects or disease. Our Hemp Team also works closely with farmers and cultivators in accessing contracts to either wholesalers and or processors.

Bridge West offers a wide range of services for hemp farmers and cultivators, including: