Cory Parnell

linkedin Cannabis CPA
Chief Operating Officer
Direct: 651-287-6327

Hemp Processors

Bridge West’s Hemp Team has extensive experience with hemp processors, proprietary products or white label services. Through our in-depth knowledge of processors’ operations, we have developed a standard chart of accounts, properly accounting for inventory, both tax and GAAP. We also work with operators to measure the actual costs to convert biomass in CBD oil.

Our Hemp Team has the expertise and resources to meet your specific needs and help you attain your goals. Based on our extensive experience working with processors, we can work with your organization’s management team to develop Key Performance Indicators to meet your goals. We help processors determine their actual costs associated with grams produced or their costs to provide processing services. We can also ensure that you’re not paying too much in sales and use tax related to the purchase of equipment and certain supplies.

Bridge West offers a wide range of services for hemp processors, including: