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Serving Native American Tribal Communities

With significant experience in the cannabis and hemp industries, our CPAs and advisors have guided hundreds of U.S. and international cannabis businesses through a very challenging business and regulatory environment. Our team of more than 100 professionals provides our valued clients the full support they need. We understand the unique challenges, risks, and rules that Native American Tribes and their enterprises face related to tribal affairs. We work closely with our tribal clients to help them navigate the ever-changing legislation and operational challenges that can arise when least expected. With a primary goal of improving tribal governance capabilities and structures, our services are designed to enhance revenue streams through enterprise development and strategic partnerships.

Navigating Through The Challenges of Sovereign Tribal Regulations

Bridge West understands the importance of establishing a high quality of life for Tribal members and the unique obstacles and opportunities that apply to their organizations. Our advisory team develops comprehensive strategic plans to maximize economic benefits, comply with federal guidelines, and enhance the services that Tribal communities provide to their members. Our collaborative approach helps Tribal communities make the right decisions at the right time, which is important to every business, and critical for Native American Tribal Communities.

Bridge West Consulting’s cannabis startup consulting supports entrepreneurs and corporations as they strive to bring their vision to life. Creating a cannabis startup business plan that incorporates the most recent industry and market analysis, thorough financial projects, and target audience insights while displaying your unique value proposition and appealing to investors is no easy feat. We’ll provide you with the support and resources needed to create a sustainable business plan for the cannabis industry so you are primed to apply for available licenses in your area when they become available.

Bridge West provides a wide range of comprehensive advisory services and solutions that are specific to the unique requirements and needs of Native American Tribal Communities. We have significant experience assisting Tribal Communities in separating their cannabis businesses from the Tribe’s traditional businesses, and our services include the following

  • Develop an organizational structure
  • Determine how the centralized support function will work
  • Assess banking requirements and developing relationships
  • Establish governance and oversight

In addition, we provide the following advisory services and solutions:

  • Create a detailed budget/model to determine the overall investment and ROI
  • Identify potential operating partners
  • Develop and assist in implementing Standard Operating Procedures
  • Assist in setting up an accounting system
  • Develop and implement KPIs