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Cannabis Status

Medical and Recreational

Overview of Medical Cannabis in Michigan

House Bill 4209 for the authority to license and regulate businesses, House Bill 4210 for the legalization of infused products and edibles, and House Bill 4827 for the establishment of a monitoring system were all passed as legislative bills in 2016, replacing and updating laws passed in 2008. Patients must be certified by a doctor, and Home Cultivation is allowed.

Possession Limits

2.5 oz

Overview of Recreational Cannabis in Michigan

Recreational cannabis was passed by ballot initiative in 2018. Home Cultivation is allowed.

Possession limit

2.5 oz in public, 10 oz at home, 12 plants.

Hemp Status


Overview of Hemp in Michigan

Hemp was federally legalized in the 2018 Farm Bill, signed December 20, 2018.

Emerging States Report

Bridge West, Higher Yields Consulting, and Green Rush Indexed Data developed the following report to address the cannabis industry climates in Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Oklahoma. While Colorado has taken another step towards more significant social equity by passing and signing into law HB1424, Massachusetts implemented a regulatory change that significantly waters down the state’s Economic Empowerment Program. […]

Cannabis Inventory and IFRS Biological Assets – Inventory Records

As cannabis companies continue to move to the public markets in Canada, high quality inventory records become much more important. Not only is there greater disclosure and scrutiny of financial information, but International Accounting Standard 41: Agriculture (IAS 41) requires additional computations on biological assets (plants and all inventory derived from those plants) to bring […]