Observations and Insights from MJBizCon


I joined Bridge West last year, and recently attended my first MJBizConNEXT conference in New Orleans. It was a great opportunity to learn about industry updates and meet with other industry professionals in a fantastic setting. MJBizCons always attract a variety of enthusiastic cannabis and hemp industry professionals who provide a wide range of products and services. It is encouraging to see professionals eager to solve problems in the cannabis and hemp industries. It is also exciting to foresee the future of the industries, and help our clients grow and adapt to the changes.

MJBizConNEXT offered many valuable presentations and break-out sessions covering a variety of topics. However, for me, networking was the most valuable aspect of attending the event. I was able to meet with other industry professionals ranging in services and solutions to the industry. Walking the expo floor made it evident the volume of professionals serving the industry. My Bridge West colleagues and I enjoyed our discussions with our strategic partners; the event did a great job of encouraging collaboration. It was inspiring to see all that great minds can accomplish when working together.

The keynote speakers and break-out sessions provided key insights into the cannabis and hemp industries. Keynote speaker, Anat Baron, shared her story at Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and how it is not necessary to consume the product to understand the minds of consumers. Other break-out sessions discussed industry trends, consolidations, cultivation and extraction, technology, and more! The diverse topics helped to expand my perspective of the various challenges and potential solutions available. I find it essential to understand the various business positions in an industry to provide quality solutions for clients.

The size and complexity of the cannabis and hemp industry requires specialization for professionals. This specialization is what enables the strategic partnerships to thrive and inevitable problems to be solved. The accounting solutions that Bridge West provides are only one aspect of the critical problems derived from this industry. It is important to solve problems such as 280E tax mitigation, inventory valuation, and preparing audited financial statements to successfully grow efficiently and effectively in the cannabis and hemp industries.

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned as a young professional in the cannabis and hemp industries, is the importance of legacy. It is critical to identify other industry professionals who are also proactively addressing clients’ challenges and solving their problems. While I have seen the many obstacles and challenges the cannabis and hemp industries face, I understand the importance of industry experience, strategic thinking, and hard work to solve problems the right way. The Bridge West team actively works with clients to overcome challenges by providing accounting, tax, and consulting services with 10 years of industry experience. I am proud to be a part of a strong team lead by Cory Parnell and Jim Marty, accomplished industry professionals. I am excited to see my career continue to grow with the Firm and with the ever-changing cannabis and hemp industries.

If you have any questions or comments, and to learn more about Bridge West’s accounting, tax, and advisory services to the cannabis and hemp industries, please contact Dennis Reiss at dreiss@bridgewestcpas.com and visit www.bridgewestcpas.com.

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