Reflections on Cultivate ’18

Interview with Calvin Shannon

What did you enjoy most about the Ohio Conference?

  • I enjoyed many things, actually. First, I had never actually been to Columbus before and I enjoyed my stay, however brief. I also felt that the audience was engaged in all the presentations, and that all the other speakers were insightful and informative. It was a very well-organized conference.

How do you think your presentation went?

  • It went well! I enjoyed getting to share my knowledge with everyone and sincerely hope the attendees walked away with new information.

What do you hope the attendees took away from your presentation?

  • I hope their main take-away was that accounting issues with 280E are very relevant to their business and should be taken seriously. And that obtaining qualified legal and tax accounting help is important to help their business both survive and thrive.

Who were some of the people you got to meet at GPN?

  • Unfortunately, my biggest regret was not being able to spend more time with the GPN staff, attendees, and other speakers.

Did you attend any other speakers?

  • Yes, I got to see Dr. Allison Justice speak at her presentation, “Cannabis Production Considerations” and enjoyed learning about all the different aspects of growing.

What were your take-aways from the conference?

  • It was exciting to see the passion amongst the attendees in this growing industry.

What will be different about the next presentation you do?

  • I would like to spend more time engaging with the audience about region-specific issues and highlighting the ways that proper tax and accounting can help to make a business run more smoothly in the face of the ever-changing landscape of the cannabis industry.