Cannabis License Application Advisory Services

The cannabis licensing application process is complex and demanding. Each city and state have unique requirements, and regulations are continually changing at local and state levels. In many states the number of applicants far exceeds the number of licenses awarded. Successful applicants must design their business plans to not only comply with state regulations, but the local community’s intentions and standards, too. High-performing applicants must also prove to reviewers that their cannabis business plan can succeed in an ever-changing marketplace. Regulators will scrutinize your application and business plan as well as thoroughly examine your partner relationships. As applications become more and more competitive, it’s critical to strategically differentiate yours from the rest to successfully acquire a license.

Bridge West’s Cannabis Application Services Group, in partnership with Bridge West Consulting, can help your business navigate the cannabis licensing application process and set you up for success. Whether you focus on cultivating, processing, distributing, or retail, our experienced team can help. With over ten years of experience serving cannabis clients nationwide, we are uniquely positioned to help you succeed. We can help you assemble the right team of professionals that understand the application process first-hand and are adept at helping cannabis entrepreneurs develop effective business plans.  Our accountants and advisors have long-term relationships and partnerships with highly regarded cannabis attorneys, investors, real estate developers, regulatory experts, and other cannabis service providers.

Our Cannabis License Application Process

Throughout the application process, Bridge West and Bridge West Consulting can provide strategic direction to help you write and submit your license application – we’ll be with you every step of the way. Depending on your business needs, our experts can collaborate with your company stakeholders to:

  • Ensure your application meets the requirements for your city and state
  • Write a comprehensive business plan demonstrating your operating procedures
  • Develop a compelling executive summary
  • Organize a team that demonstrates your experience and secures approval from city council
  • Prepare a pitch deck that attracts investors
  • Formulate a robust financial model including your business’ projected tax revenue
  • Establish a detailed application timeline
  • Develop security and compliance procedures
  • Demonstrate a real estate strategy and facility design
  • Establish relationships with key stakeholders to secure local support

Cannabis License Application Timeline

While each state poses unique regulatory and legislative challenges, at Bridge West we approach the licensing process in the following six main steps.

  • STEP 1

    Pre-Application Submission (1 - 2 months before your state’s application is released)

    • ✔ Perform regulatory research
    • ✔ Organize essential team members
    • ✔ Real estate selection and acquisition
    • ✔ Business plan development and review
    • ✔ Ownership structure
    • ✔ Develop standard operating procedures (SOPs)
    • ✔ Funding, Banking, and Financial Review
  • STEP 2

    Application Writing

    • ✔ Facility design and review by licensed security contractor and architect
    • ✔ Complete relevant application questions with designated cultivation and extraction specialists
  • STEP 3

    Application Submission

    • ✔ Depending on your state, you may need to submit your application in-person or electronically via a state-run website, or both
  • STEP 4

    Post-Application Preparation

    • ✔ Develop your business’ branding and messaging
    • ✔ Get involved and take action within your community
    • ✔ Identify and manage vendors and distribution
  • STEP 5

    Provisional Licensure

    • ✔ Build out your human resources team
    • ✔ Recruit, hire, and train new employees
  • STEP 6

    Final Licensure

    • ✔ Prepare and pass inspections

Navigate the License Process with Confidence

Entrepreneurs often have visions of how they would like their businesses to function. Bridge West can help to make these visions a reality. With the advantage of our industry experience and resources, our team will collaborate with your company stakeholders, and ensure that all documents comply with your local application requirements.

Schedule a consultation with a member of Bridge West’s leadership team to ensure your application is well-prepared and well-positioned for success.