Southern Cannabis Laws

The Southern United States largely only allows CBD when it comes to cannabis, with a few exceptions; Florida, Arkansas, and Louisiana all allow medical cannabis.

Earlier this year in May, our leadership team attended the first ever Cannabusiness conference in the Southern United States hosted in New Orleans, Louisiana:

“There was plenty to celebrate in Louisiana, including nine medical marijuana dispensary licenses that were issued earlier this year, which are called pharmacies in LA. These licensees will now have 310 days to open per the Board of Pharmacy regulations. Two cultivation licenses were also issued in the form of public private partnerships with Louisiana State University and Southern University.”

Louisiana’s medical cannabis is expected to be available November 2018.

Medical Cannabis in Arkansas is hoping to have medical cannabis for its patients by mid-2019. The program, which included being able to smoke the flower as medicine as well as concentrates and even infused products. The Predident of the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association (ACIA), Robert deBin describes the program as,

“It’s a whole, comprehensive program, which I believe is the first in the south to at least start that way,” deBin, said. “I know some other states started with only extractions or concentrates and there’s now legislation to expand and to have flower, but we were actually able to start with the full program.”

Arkansas’ medical cannabis program is building itself up at the same time as their Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. Soon patients and farmers will both have a helping hand from this new booming industry!

Florida’s medical cannabis industry has been growing rapidly, with dispensaries like CuraLeaf opening new locations all the time and even offering ordering ahead online, as well as delivery to their patients. The cannabusinesses in Florida have had to be adaptive as the legislature made getting off the ground more than a little tricky, but now business is booming. Karen Goldstein, head of the Florida NORML chapter sums it up well,

“On the one hand, we should have been so much further along with this. The amendment was so clear — medical marijuana is legal — but the Legislature has muddied the water so much by creating regulations out of thin air. On the other hand, if you’re old enough to remember the 1960s, when people could get serious jail time just for having a single joint, it’s kind of amazing to see it handed to a customer across a store counter, and it’s all right out in the open and totally legal.”

It’s exciting that cannabis has been able to make a foothold in the southern united states to help those who need it. We at Bridge West look forward to seeing where it spreads to next


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