Cory Parnell

Chief Operating Officer
Direct: 651-287-6327

Transporter and Delivery Service Organizations

Transporters and Delivery Service organizations face significant challenges in the cannabis market place.  This mix of transportation and security is key to the success of cannabis distribution. As a federally illegal substance, there can be serious ramifications if and when product is stolen—putting the grower, dispensary and their employees at risk. In addition, as a fledgling industry, all eyes are focused on its safety and efficacy, so ensuring legal product doesn’t end up in the illegal market is paramount.  The most challenging thing that they face is 280E.  Bridge West’s cannabis team has been working with transporters and delivery service organizations for years.   Through our in-depth knowledge of transportation or delivery service organizations, we have developed standard chart of account and methods to minimize 280E by properly allocating expenses.

Our cannabis team can work with your organizations management team to develop Key Performance Indicators to meet your goals.  We have helped dispensary operators compare metrics against industry standards that we have developed over the past nine years.  We can help you make sure you’re collecting and remitting all proper excise tax as well as sales and use tax.  Our cannabis group has the expertise and resources to meet your specific needs.

We have been through numerous IRS and State audits for cultivators as well as we are very collaborative with the top 280E attorneys in the United States.  Through these audits and relationships, we are able to help advise our clients of any significant changes that are being seen in current audits or court cases.

At Bridge West we offer the following services for transporter and delivery service organizations:

  • Outsourcing Services
  • Attest and Accounting